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Started out in 2004 with the most basic digital camera that was literally 'snap and go'.  But it was love at first snap and it was all I could afford at the time. Advanced my way up to cameras with more advanced controls and then saved up for my first DSLR camera. Took 1 course on photography and decided to continue learning at my own pace. Whether it be learning from friends, blogs, YouTube tutorials, or trial and error...I still continued to learn...and I still am learning until this day. I was considered the photographer for many years until I realized that finalizing the image is what I enjoy the most. I love the ability to turn any image into your own masterpiece.

We are the authors of our own lives. Just as an author has many drafts with revisions is how I see retouching. There are always ways to improve and I am constantly keeping up with the trends and how to improve myself.

So, the purpose of this page is to showcase my work as well as provide retouching services. I want to create your next masterpiece. 

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