FAQ / Frequently asked questions


What type of Retouching/Editing do you do?

Portrait, Editorial, Commercial, Beauty, Scenery, Wedding, and much more. I specialize mainly in Beauty though I actually do a variety of retouching.

What is Retouching?

Retouching is manipulation of a photo/s for restoration or enhancement. This includes adjusting colors/contrast/white balance, sharpness, removing elements or visible flaws on skin or materials.

Why choose Belle Retouch?

I offer affordable pricing, high quality photo retouching, quick turnaround time, and excellent customer service.

Who is this service for?

The general public, models, e-commerce stores, photography studios, websites, ad agencies, magazines, brochure/catalogs, etc. Honestly, anyone can come here to get services done.

Work Process

How much does it cost to get a photo retouched?

There are many different levels of photo retouching. I would not charge the same price for something that only takes 15 minutes to do compared to something that may take hours to do. I understand every client has their own retouching needs, requests, and budget; I will work with you to achieve the best results. Revisions are included but limited. The best way to get a price is to send me the images first with your ideas of what you are looking to have done. If you don't have the images, tell me details of the project and the amount of photos and I will give a rough estimate. This rough estimate is not guaranteed to be the actual price. That is why it is important to send the images first.

How long does it take?

It all depends on the workloads at the present time and how simple/complex your project is.

It is always best to use the “Contact form, Chat, or Email” functions to get an idea of what to expect. If you are under a tight deadline you can still contact me, and we can come up with a plan.

Do you offer any discounts on your photo retouching services?

Yes! I offer a 10% discount on orders with more than 10 photos.

How do you accept payments?

PayPal. You may still use your credit or debit card through PayPal without having a PayPal account. Payment is due when the order is placed. An invoice will be sent to you. If you have another payment method in mind, let me know. I offer clients the option to pay for the project fully upfront OR half due at the start and the other half when I send the images back to you when I complete them. Keep in mind, if you do the half/half payment, the images will be sent to you with a watermark on them. When you give written consent that you are content I will send them to you without the watermark once the other half is paid. This is to protect my time spent on the editing process.

How do I send the images for you to retouch?

You can send the high-resolution images by DropBox, WeTransfer, GoogleDrive, OneDrive, any image transfer service you may use that you can invite me too, or via email. Keep in mind that email may compress the photo/s so it's best to use an image transfer service.

Do you send proofs?

Yes, If you used the half/half payment method I will send high resolution images with a watermark on the image file. If you agree that you are satisfied with the result, I will send the images to you without the watermarks once you pay the other half of quoted price.

What if I need revisions/corrections?

I offer 3 FREE revisions/corrections. After the 3, I charge a small fee. Just be as specific and detailed as possible and I can help you get the masterpiece you are craving for.

What if I want a refund?

I guarantee your satisfaction. So, first request a revision so I can get you the best results. If after the revisions, you are still not satisfied, I will gladly refund you.


What about copyrights?

Belle Retouch can not be held responsible for copyright violations. When you submit an image, you are certifying that you are the copyright owner and/or you have the copyright owner's expressed permission to use, alter, and distribute the image.

We do not own any copyrights on the photographs sent in even after being retouched. The copyright and all intellectual property rights belong to the client.

What is your confidentiality terms?

Your before pictures will never be used for before/after galleries on our website or anywhere else on the Internet unless the client agrees to it. The work we do for you is confidential and we never show anybody the "Before" image. No third party will see originals of the photos.

Do I have to sign a release?

By sending me the images, you are automatically expressing that I have permission to retouch the images and that you have permission for me to retouch your images.


What does resolution mean?

Resolution refers to the number of dots of ink per inch (dpi) in a printed photo or the number of electronic pixels per inch (ppi) in a digital file. A typical picture pulled off the Internet has a low resolution and will not reproduce as well as a traditional photograph will. The bigger the resolution, the better.

What types of image files can I send you?

I accept files in RAW.TIFF, PSD and JPG are fine too as long as they are hi-resolution images. I'd recommend you to send me your images in RAW format to get the best results.

RAW vs JPEG...

Shooting in the RAW format enables your editor to revisit an image after capture to indicate which specific levels and settings are to be applied. A JPEG file is processed according to the user settings in camera, and all excess information within an image file is either compressed or discarded. RAW files maintain all the original image data so the editor decides which information needs correcting, compressing, or can be discarded.

Can you buy background images for me?

If you have a background image in mind to use, it is best that you purchase it from a professional stock photo agency. We can buy the image for you, but will add the cost on top of the price of retouching.

Can I send scanned photos?

If you have a physical photo that needs retouching, you can scan it or use an app like DropBox which has a scanning feature built into the app. The best results come from a scanner with a setting of 300 or 400 dpi and “jpg” or “jpeg” format. If your scanner has a “Photo” button or setting, that will probably work perfectly.

Can I send nude or graphic photos?

Yes, I accept these photos. I will not accept images that are of people/animals actually being harmed.

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